Adham shares his experience working as a male dental nurse at Bupa Dental Care

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Dental nursing is often considered to be a female-dominated role, but we have plenty of male dental nurses here at Bupa Dental Care.

Adham is a dental nurse working at our West Bridgford practice. We sat down with him to find out why he wanted to become a dental nurse, any challenges he has faced in a female-dominated work environment, and what he loves about his job.

We asked Adham what first attracted him to the role of a trainee dental nurse. He said:

“I’ve always had an interest in dentistry but never had any formal qualifications that would allow me to work in this environment, until I came across this apprenticeship. It allowed me to study and work in a dental practice, whilst earning a living wage.”

When Adham joined, the West Bridgford Practice was an all-female practice. We asked him what it was like to be the only male colleague, and did it change any of their ways of working. He said:

“It was strange at first because everywhere I’ve worked in the past has been mixed. I felt like the odd one out to begin with, however my colleagues were very welcoming and I feel like I settled in quickly after that. I don’t feel like we’ve had to change the way we communicate as we all respect each other regardless of our differences, we’re one big family here.”

Despite having to initially adjust to the role, Adham is now thriving in the position and has built confidence working with his practice team:

“Working in an environment with a female majority definitely improved my overall confidence, within myself and my role here. My colleagues are confident and have a lot of experience working in this industry, and that has allowed me to learn a lot from them.”

"I never felt like I was a part of a team working towards a common goal, until I started working here.”

Adham has now been working as a trainee dental nurse at Bupa Dental Care for 18 months – he told us what he enjoys most about his job:

“The most rewarding and enjoyable moment for me as a dental nurse is when a patient first looks in their reflection after completing a treatment, and the big smile that follows. I’m just glad that I’m able to assist in giving a patient their smile and confidence back.”

Finally, we asked Adham what he would say to anyone who is thinking about joining Bupa Dental Care as an apprentice dental nurse, he said:

“My advice to anyone thinking of becoming a trainee dental nurse would be to go for it! It may be a female-dominated environment but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I never felt like I was a part of a team working towards a common goal, until I started working here.”

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