Writing the perfect dentist CV

A Bupa Dental Care guide to writing a stand out dentist CV

Amy Flaherty, Resourcing Business Partner at Bupa Dental Care, takes us through what she’s looking for when reading associate CVs and offers her advice on how to stand out.

Most industries you apply to work in will require you to submit a CV, which is pretty standard. However, the details that industries and hiring managers are actually looking for on your CV ranges vastly across sectors, whether you are applying for a role as an accountant, marketing manager, or in your case, a dentist.

What you need to consider to stand out and get that interview.


First, choose your font selectively. It needs to be legible and not unpleasant for the viewer, you want them to want to continue reading. Next try not to use large bold lettering as this can seem ‘shouty’ and may put off the reader.

GDC/Performer number

At the top, remember to include your GDC registration number and performer number.

Personal profile

Start your CV off with a brief profile, no more than 100 – 150 words are required, a summary about you, your background, your interests, and future aspirations for your career.

Now for the bulk of your CV – your work experience.

Work experience

As a Dentist it is vital to include certain information from your career history to inform the hiring manager you have the experience they need:

  • Current/previous practices
  • Whether they are NHS, Private or mixed
  • Dates you worked at this practice (locum or permanent)
  • Any other specialist activities you performed in these roles i.e. Endo, Ortho, Perio, etc.
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This is the most important bit. Remember to include every qualification, course, and membership from degree level to most recent, you can leave your A-levels and GCSEs off.

If by this point your CV is over two pages, don’t panic! Don’t leave out vital information just to keep your page number down – what if that was the chunk of information the hiring manager needed to decide to bring you into interview over someone else?


What makes you stand out?

You’re almost done! At this stage, some might decide to add a few bullet points including their key strengths which will familiarise the hiring manager with their personal attributes aside from their educational triumphs.

For example, do you have an aptitude for teamwork? Can you cope well under pressure? Are you experienced with different dentistry systems? How are your communication skills? These all help to give the practice manager or whoever is reading your CV a positive impression of you before you wow them at interview stage.


So to recap, here’s what we’re looking for in a dentist’s CV:

  • Choose an appropriate font
  • Include your GDC registration number and your performer number near the top for quick reference
  • Start with a brief profile (100-150 words)
  • Add your career history including current/previous practices, the dates you worked there plus any specialist activities
  • Qualifications – include everything from degree level to most recent, including courses and any memberships
  • Key strengths – what makes you stand out from the rest?

Or click the image to download our simple graphic:


Dental CV infographic

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Amy - Resourcing business partner

About the author

Amy - Resourcing business partner

Amy Flaherty is a Resourcing Business Partner at Bupa Dental Care. Connect with her on LinkedIn here.


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