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Meet Cloe, a dental nurse in Cheltenham

We all have our hobbies and interests outside of the workplace, but Cloe a dental nurse at Arnica Dental Care certainly has an interesting one – meet Cloe, the drag racing dental nurse.

Based at our Arnica Dental Care and Implant Centre, not only is Cloe a keen equestrian, and dental nurse but she’s also a drag racer too. Not sure what being a drag racer entails? According to Cloe, drag racing is driving high-performance vehicles from point A to point B – typically a track a quarter of a mile long in the fastest time possible, and the best place to do it is the famous Santa Pod Raceway in Northamptonshire.

The most popular race that Cloe enters is called ‘run what you brung’, where the winner is the quickest person to cover the quarter mile drag strip.

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Cloe - Dental Nurse at Arnica Dental Care

Cloe, Dental Nurse

"One day decided that we would give the famous quarter mile dragstrip at Santa Pod a go."

Cloe - Dental Nurse at Arnica Dental Care

“Me and my friends used to spend a lot of time going to drag racing events, and one day decided that we would give the famous quarter-mile dragstrip at Santa Pod a go in our own cars.’’

“Me and my friends used to spend a lot of time going to drag racing events, and one day decided that we would give the famous quarter mile dragstrip at Santa Pod a go in our own cars. The interesting part is – that you have no idea what you are up against.”

“I race a black Skoda Fabia VRS that looks super-small but can be mighty mean when zooming up the drag strip in 14 secs, reaching speeds of 98mph! To achieve Santa Pod type performances, we’ve increased the brake horsepower of my VRS, from a sedate 130bhp to a no-messing 240bhp, with 448 nm of torque.”

Cloe, dental nurse and drag racer driving her car along the dragstrip

Cloe Stewart - Dental Nurse and drag racer

Cloe continued: “Being a female car enthusiast comes with a brilliant social life, a chance to be able to enjoy your hobby with thousands of other car crazy people who, like me, appreciate the hard work and creativity that goes into building your dream car and racing it.”

“I am very lucky to have a group of friends who compete alongside me in their own race cars and as a team, we all do really well. As a result, we have decided to put all of our efforts, inspiration, creativity and mechanical minds together, to build our dream race car and compete as a club.”

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