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International Women’s Day is on 8th March 2024, and in celebration of our amazing female colleagues, we’re highlighting some of the fantastic benefits that we provide for our people.

Bupa Menopause Plan (UK only)

Our Bupa Menopause Plan has been specifically designed to empower women to seek advice, choose their treatment and take control of their health.

Colleagues who are experiencing a premature menopause (under the age of 40), an early menopause (aged between 40-45) and those over 45 experiencing symptoms of the menopause are encouraged to book an initial appointment.

Our clinicians have been trained to support members of the transgender, non-binary and intersex communities who are experiencing the menopause. Colleagues can call a dedicated number to book an initial appointment and receive support from there.

Sarah, one of our practice managers, used our Menopause Plan when she started to feel like she was having early symptoms, and didn’t know what to do. She told us:

“The menopause has been life-altering, something I wasn't prepared for. Along with other symptoms, it was like my brain had turned to mush. I spoke with my area lead, he listened to me and was so supportive. I understood that we had a menopause plan, so I called the helpline and had an appointment at a Bupa Health Centre, where I was listened to, given advice, and prescribed the right HRT for my lifestyle.”

Supporting employees with period health

Bupa Period Plan (UK only)

We’re committed to creating a workplace environment where conversations around women’s health are encouraged, as well as providing practical resources to empower our colleagues to support their health.

Periods can have a significant impact on wellbeing. Bupa’s Wellbeing Index 2024 found that:

  • Almost half (47%) of women who have periods experience severe period pain most months.
  • 31% experience nausea and 48% suffer with headaches or migraines related to their period.
  • Two in five (42%) women push through their pain despite experiencing severe period symptoms, but commonly report feelings of exhaustion (41%), discomfort with period pain (37%), and making frequent bathroom trips due to heavy bleeding (30%).
  • A third of women (32%) feel they can’t openly discuss their periods while at work.

In February, we were pleased to announce that the Bupa Period Plan is now available as a free Viva health and wellbeing benefit to all UK-based, permanent and fixed-term BGUK and Group colleagues. The Period Plan is a personalised care plan for people who have heavy, painful, or irregular periods.

The period plan includes:

  • Up to 45 minutes with a GP to create a unique care plan for premenstrual syndrome, premenstrual dysphoric disorder, heavy, painful, or irregular periods.
  • A 15-minute follow-up appointment to check how the plan is going, if symptoms have eased, or there are any concerns.
  • Period advice whenever needed, for a full year.
  • If needed, a private prescription can be provided (at colleague’s own cost).
  • If a physical examination, blood or other diagnostic tests, or follow-up referrals are required, the GP will discuss these, and any further costs that may be needed.

Period Products (UK only)

As part of our People Health promise, TOTM period products are available to all people in our Bupa Dental Care practices and are free to use at any time. TOTM is an ethical brand that’s stocked in major supermarkets and retailers. The period care range is made up of organic cotton, plastic-free and zero-waste. TOTM also donates 10p from every workplace box sold to Endometriosis UK and they help to create education and conversation about menstrual health with their online platform.

Sarah Barber, practice manager at our Bank practice said:

“The period products have been very welcomed. The team are encouraged to receive such a personal and thoughtful benefit that will not cost them anything and is also convenient!”

Pregnancy & Parenting at Work (UK & ROI)

We’re proud to have signed up to the Pregnancy and Parenting at Work programme, in partnership with Tommy’s who have expertise to support our people and their partner/family on a variety of pregnancy-related matters.

Tommy’s Pregnancy Line and Direct phone line for managers has experienced midwives who can advise on lifestyle and diet throughout pregnancy and provide counselling and advice on care and treatment if pregnancy doesn’t go to plan.


To find out more about the rewards, benefits and support available as a Bupa Dental Care colleague, visit our benefits page.

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