Top tips for writing a dental nurse CV

In our latest blog, we take you through the key points you should consider when writing a dental nurse CV. Whether it’s your first role after qualifying, or you’re ready to embark on a new challenge at a different practice, read on to find out all you need to know to showcase your knowledge in patient care and oral health.

Write an engaging personal statement

Your personal statement is your chance to grab the reader’s attention, showcasing your qualifications and experience, but most importantly, your aspirations for your career. You should keep it brief and concise (5-10 lines) but ensure you include anything that demonstrates you have the appropriate credentials to work in a dental setting.

Here you can include your GDC registration number and any speciality certifications that set you apart from the competition.


Tailor your dental nurse CV to the job advert

One of the fundamentals of writing any CV is to ensure you tailor it to the job advert. Future employers want to see that you have the experience they are looking for before they invite you to interview. A good place to start is to list any key skills or qualifications you have that are also listed in the job advert. You can also have a think about what soft skills the employer might be looking for in a candidate, for example a dental nurse should have excellent communication skills.


Presentation is key

As with any stage in the recruitment process, good presentation is vital. Ensure your CV is written in a professional and easy to read font with correct spelling and grammar. Structure your sections, starting with your most recent experience at the top and work your way back, stripping out any unrelated content to keep it concise. It’s always a good idea to ask someone to proof read it for you too.


Include work experience

If you’ve worked as a dental nurse before, you’ll need to summarise your experience to date. Or, if this is your first dental nurse role, you can provide a brief summary of your previous work experience, highlighting any transferable skills you can take to your new role in dentistry.

Starting with your most recent (or current) role, list your work experience, focusing on the skills you gained, your day-to-day duties and any achievements made.


And finally, keep it up to date

It’s important to keep your most relevant and recent work experience at the top of your CV, as this is what recruiters are most interested in.

Keeping your CV up to date allows you to give every job application your full attention and will get you off to a flying start when competing with candidates that are also searching for their perfect role.



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Emily Coffey Recruitment Business Partner

Hear from a recruiter…

Emily Coffey, Resourcing Business Partner at Bupa Dental Care, gave her top tips on how to stand out from the crowd:

Emily Coffey Recruitment Business Partner

“My biggest tip would be to know your audience. It’s worthwhile doing your research before you write your CV so you know what skills, values, and experience the employer would look for. At Bupa Dental Care for example, we have web pages for each of our practices that list all the treatments they offer and the different clinicians that work there. I would recommend taking a look at the information and highlight any of your experience that mirrors what we offer.  You could also reach out to the practice or even the recruiter if you wanted more information before applying, we are more than happy to help!”

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