From Trainee Dental Nurse to Treatment Coordinator

It was a simple bonding procedure that initially sparked Hannah’s interest in a career in dental, and since joining the industry in 2006 she’s worked her way up to her current role of Treatment Coordinator at our Blueapple Dental Care practice in, Belcoo.

How did your career in dentistry begin?

Since a young age, I have been interested in building a career in dentistry. I experienced a tiny bonding procedure that changed my smile and gave me a much-needed confidence boost, this experience solidified how much I highly respect the dental profession and how it can have such a positive impact on people’s lives.

My career within the dental industry started in the local practice of the town that I grew up in, in the Oxfordshire area. In 2006, I worked alongside the principal dentist and passed my NEBDN (National Examining Board for Dental Nurses) examination. Since then I have continued to thoroughly enjoy my roles in the dental field.

Describe your career journey with us so far…

When I moved to Fermanagh in 2016, I initially set myself up as a locum nurse which enabled me to explore my new surroundings. Luckily the role became available for a Receptionist/Treatment coordinator in Belcoo.

I accepted the challenge and I have not looked back since. It certainly has been a challenging role at times, as you are constantly multi-tasking to achieve the highest level of customer service. However, I was confident in my dental knowledge and quickly the team at Blueapple became my support network away from home and my role as a treatment coordinator was established.

Describe a typical day in the life of a Treatment Coordinator…

As a treatment coordinator, you find yourself actively involved in all roles of the practice, administrative and clinical.  I positively communicate to all members of our team in practice to promote awareness of each new patient booking and referral to ensure all patients receive a flawless, informative journey.

We are constantly managing the diary to optimise existing treatments – they need to be carefully managed to ensure we are doing our best to accommodate our patients. I would support our colleagues to do more of the dentistry they enjoy and can offer.

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Hannah Curtis, Treatment coordinator at Bupa Dental Care

Hannah Curtis, Treatment Coordinator, Blueapple Dental Care

“I accepted the challenge and I have not looked back since."

Hannah Curtis, Treatment coordinator at Bupa Dental Care

“I accepted the challenge and I have not looked back since – quickly the team at Blueapple became my support network away from home and my role as a treatment coordinator was established.”

What do you feel you need, to be a Treatment Coordinator?

To succeed in this job role, you need to be a versatile and resilient member of the team, proactively working with a methodical tracking system. I have found that clients and colleagues gaining trust in your ability is paramount in my role. You have to keep expectations manageable and set yourself time to carry out tasks efficiently.  If you can do this confidently then you will gain trust. This is the most interesting aspect of my role particularly as it means most to me.

What’s one of your favourite aspects of the role?

I love to support the members of my team in any way I can, from the essential tea making to training new members of the team. I have found training new members very interesting as I quickly realised what knowledge I had gained and as a treatment coordinator, you are in an optimal position to give support both clinical and non-clinical and to train others.

I find that you get immediate job satisfaction in the role on a day-to-day basis. Examples of this could be converting a new patient inquiry, securing a high-value treatment plan by arranging finance options, overcoming any patient objections holding them back from treatment, helping nervous patients through their dental visits, or liaising with a new referring dentist.

What would be your best advice, or words of encouragement for others thinking of entering the dental industry?

I would not discourage anyone entering the world of dentistry that has very little ‘clinical’ knowledge as you quickly learn, and with a good team or corporate to support your training you can adopt your own approach and own your role.

Our practice culture

Our culture is centered around going above and beyond for patients. Whether you’re working with patients directly or indirectly, you’ll be based within an empowering environment to give your all to create positive experiences and broad smiles.

Our caring approach extends to our employees too. It’s why we’re so big on training, development, and progression. It’s also why our practices are such friendly, collaborative places – people quickly become friends as well as colleagues.

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Why we're different

As the only corporate dental provider in the UK not backed by private equity, we’re in a unique position. We’re committed to the UK dental industry for the long-term – both private and NHS – and are ready to treat not just today’s patients, but generations to come.

Furthermore, Bupa has no shareholders, so we’re able to focus 100% on delivering the best service for customers. We are run commercially to ensure we remain competitive, but we reinvest 100% of our profits to help provide better care for patients across the world.

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