Joao - From Portugal to the UK

From Portugal to Cardiff, Joao shares his dentistry journey

Tell us about your career journey and where it started?

I qualified from Porto Dental University in 2010 and worked in Portugal for about 6 months. I wanted to move to the UK to sample a different country and culture and improve my English. I then saw an opportunity for a position in Cardiff and 8 years later I’m still here, I have a nice, pleasant, and stable life in such an amazing city.

How did you find the relocation, and whats the best thing about your role with Bupa Dental Care?

Bupa Dental Care can help with relocation, which can take the stress out of the move. At first, I missed my family and the Portuguese weather although Cardiff isn’t far from the beautiful Welsh coast. But I’m so thrilled that I stayed. I have never lacked support or guidance from Bupa Dental Care or my co-workers and it was easy connecting with dentists in a similar scenario. From working here I’ve made some long-lasting friendships.

I love being an associate Dentist at Bupa Dental Care. Working as an Associate gives me complete freedom to focus on what I’ve trained for. All aspects of managing a dental practice – marketing, ordering materials, and the working schedules are managed by very competent people in each area. I believe this a perfect scenario because who wouldn’t like to be able to just focus on being a great dentist to patients?

Despite the fact our profession can be stressful and comes with a high level of responsibility, there are also many funny moments along the way. I could mention plenty of them here, but I will keep them to myself for now. Maybe I’ll write a book one day!

Joao, Associate Dentist

"All the extra responsibilities inherited as part of the running of a practice are dealt with by trained people."

“All the extra responsibilities inherited as part of the day to day running of a practice are dealt with by trained people. This is truly a major benefit of working for Bupa Dental Care.”

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What’s the best thing about your job?

I start my day thinking about dentistry and what I can do for my patients – then finish it switched off from the job, relaxed, and enjoying my life in Cardiff. All the extra responsibilities inherited as part of the day to day running of a practice are dealt with by trained people. It’s them that gives me the luxury of concentrating on patient care. This is truly a major benefit of working for Bupa Dental Care.

What’s next for you at Bupa Dental Care?

I’ve already achieved some great goals in the last 8 years in the UK. I have passed the Membership of the Joint Dental Faculties (MJDF) examination and am a proud member of the Royal College of Surgeons. I also qualified in 2016 with a master’s degree in Implant Dentistry from Warwick University. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll be able to follow my dream and become a clinical director for Bupa – I know the pathway is there.

What advice would you give to someone looking to follow a career in dentistry?

I know the reality of what it’s like to work and own a practice. When you’re not working as a dentist, you find yourself working as an accountant or an engineer, fixing your broken dental chair. It can often be difficult to cope with as we’re not trained for these things. If you want to live your life working as a dentist and enjoy your free time with your family and friends, have a big team supporting you, and have the courage and ambition to move abroad, working at Bupa Dental Care is perfect for you.

It’s better to regret what we do than what we don’t.

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