Beatriz - from Spain to the UK

From Spain to the UK, Beatriz shares her dentistry journey

What inspired you to start a career in dentistry?

I decided to study dentistry as I like to help people, it’s very satisfying being able to make patients smile again. It is a very challenging job as you need to develop psychological skills as it’s not only about teeth. It’s about managing patients, especially those with a fear of the dentist and it’s very gratifying when you can treat them and give them their confidence back in the dentist.

Tell us about your career journey and where it started, was the move to the UK easy?

I first moved to the UK in 2010. Oasis (now Bupa) provided me with a lot of support in terms of paperwork, induction training, etc. But on the other hand, it wasn’t easy to move from Spain as I left my family and friends behind. It’s hard to separate from the people you love.

What’s your favourite thing about the UK?

My favourite thing about working here is that there is always a nurse with you in surgery, you are never alone, and this makes your job easier. Also, the working hours are great, with flexible working you can balance work and family life.

Beatriz Garcia, Associate Dentist, Menai Bridge/Colwyn Bay

"The best thing about being here is the team I work with."

“The best thing about being here is the team I work with – without such a great team, I couldn´t do my job.”

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What’s the best thing about your current role?

The best thing about my current role is the team I work with, without such a great team I couldn´t do my job. Also, the materials, you have everything you can ask for to provide the best quality dentistry.

What is the most memorable story from your time in your current role?

The most memorable story was a gentleman that came to see me as he wanted to be able to smile again. He was very self-conscious about his teeth and his daughter was getting married. All he wanted was to be able to smile while walking his daughter down the aisle. The day we finished he was extremely happy with the results, he was crying and hugging everybody, leaving everyone In tears on that memorable day.

Why should someone come and work for Bupa Dental Care?

Bupa is a very good company to work for, they care about you, and are always there to help and support you.

What are your future ambitions within dentistry?

I would like to continue to develop in my career, I’m interested in the restorative and cosmetic sector of dentistry and all I want is to be able to provide my patients with the best treatment possible.

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